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plan to go 100% wireless

Plan to go 100% wireless. Meaning, that you need to invest an additional $100 in buying a decent wireless charger and wireless headphones if you want this case to do its job. Dirt and debris enters the case when the port door is open. There is not a secure seal between the screen protector side of the case and the lip of the port hole when the port door is open.

Dirt and debris frequently entered the case while jogging and wired headphones were connected to the iPhone. I frequently had to open the case and clean both the phone and the case from all of the debris that entered.

The gap is significant enough that sand got between the screen protector and the phone. Luckily, the sand did not scratch the phone glass but where the sand was wedged, did leave a permanent embossed mark on the screen protector from the inside of the case. Is this gap a manufacturer defect with just my case or are all iPhone X fre cases like this? I have been buying LifeProof cases since the iPhone 4s and never had this problem before.

Initially, it seemed that the port door took a significant amount of effort to open when I first used the case. I felt like I was using too much force and was afraid that I was going to chip or break the port door.

The only third-party chargers that are guaranteed to work with this case are wireless chargers. The port hole is not wide enough for some third-party charging cables to fit into. Wish I would have known this before I wasted money on an extra third-party charging cable. The charging cable that comes with the iPhone works fine but those are not the best or most durable. I was trying to use a braided charging cable with this case.

The only Pros for everyday use are the slim lightweight design and the ability to actually hear and talk with the case on.


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