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Every primary, the media has been keeping track of which President or
Vice President is related to someone else involved in politics during the Primary.

We all know Bill and Hillary are Husband and Wife but did you know Trump
and Hillary are related?

The media rarely takes a step back and pieces it all together and puts it into perspective.

You might say well these guys are 8th cousins or 12th cousins so how could you expect them to know that they are related? Everyone has someone in his or her distant family that is probably a Republican or Democrat right? But everyone does not have someone in their family that is or was the President. If they are keeping tabs on you. I’m pretty sure they are keeping tabs on which President is related to which President.

Again, as of Obama’s last election, the mainstream media was keeping track
of Presidential relations.

The Huffington Post makes the link between Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush

Washington Times and Extra TV connect Hillary and Trump

CBS News and The New York Post announced Obama and Bush’s relation

And in 1988, The New York Times made it known that George H.W. Bush was
related to Elizabeth II.

How likely are you related to the President? Do you think this is just a coincidence? If you think this is bad, Geni actually ties all the Presidents together going all the way back to George Washington. Maybe that’s why they made Washington the First President and got rid of the actual First-14 Presidents that came before Washington as Prince pointed out years ago on The Tavis Smiley Show which airs on PBS .

The topic begins at 7:02.
The 8 that Prince is talking about in the video are Black Presidents.



You would think that major news outlets would take real news more seriously instead of trying to hide the truth from viewers. Fact checking has become easier than ever by doing a quick search online in regards to who is actually winning in the polls. Do not be surprised if there is another mess in the media when the results are given by the media for the 2016 Election similar to the 2000 election when Al Gore “Lost.” If the Republican were serious about winning the election, more of the Republican candidates would drop out and support 2 or 3 of the candidates in the lead. Hillary is still struggling to get out of the shadow of her husband. No matter what, people are going to hold Hillary responsible for the same mistakes that her husband made during his administration as far as trade policy, the deportation of immigrants, and the deportation of American jobs. Hillary is losing in the polls because when people actually look at what she has done, it isn’t much. Hillary is trying to “accomplish” in 1 year what Bernie Sanders has been doing his whole career. Since Hillary has left the White House as First Lady she's been working on her Resume to become President. The thing is, she does not stay in a position long enough and only leaves that position after a scandal erupts to even gain experience. But again, Hillary is only trying to take on these responsibilities to say she did something. For the last 7 years she has been trying to become President. And every time she voted in the Senate, she did not vote as a populist or as a progressive.

It is not easy when Hillary uses race inappropriately by taking selfies with Black Reality-TV celebrities coincidentally during the Black Lives Matter protests. Hillary also thinks it is easy to break race walls by using stereotypical accents, which varies on where she is speaking, and the same chants used by Cesar Chavez during the unionization of farm workers. Hillary knows that she does not have the people’s vote, which is why she continues to take money from Wall Street. If Hillary is serious about running for President, she will have to fire a lot of people on her campaign management team. It seems that Hillary is taking all the bad advice just to win the Presidency. She is starting to sound a lot like George W. Bush, someone who did not have a lot of experience but was surrounded by people that promised that if George listened to them that he could be President. Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Shultz has become the Karl Rove that hung over George W. Bush’s shoulder during his administration. If Hillary also has the interest of the people in mind she would realize that Bernie with over 2,000,000 contributions from citizens, not corporations, has the people vote and would drop out and support Bernie. Instead, Hillary has self-interests tied up in this election that extends to the privatizations of prisons, genetically modified seeds, and funding towards the Clinton Foundation. Hillary is carrying too much baggage and is continuing to pile it on. It is best that Hillary spend her time on the ground actually meeting with real people in the public’s eye instead of saying that she already met with people behind closed doors as in the case with the Black Lives Matter Movement. Hillary needs to be genuine on the issues and quit relying on cameos in pop-culture to win her the vote.


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