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You cannot deny the fact that The Force Awakens was A New Hope in “disguise.” Much of the same dialogue and establishment of the characters. JJ Abrams instead switched the story line and relationship that Luke and Darth had for the relationship that Han and Kylo Ren. Much of the scenery and landscape that Anakin, Luke, and Rey all start out in the same arid dry desert landscape. BB8 is the new R3D2. What role do you think Finn will play? Maybe the new Luke? Was there a reason that Finn was able to overpower the cloning process of the Stormtroopers? Although Finn wasn’t trained or prepared to use the lightsaber is there a possibility that he will learn the ways of the Force?

Expect to see Star Wars films with these same characters for nearly 5 more films. I believe that I called it when I said that they were going to kill Han Solo’s character off. Expect the same fate for all the old characters. Luke Skywalker would most likely be the character that will be carried through the majority of the films. Princess Leah is most likely to die in the same heroic fashion as Han Solo within the next two adaptations of the film. Maybe by sending herself in to deal with disciplining her adolescent son.

The film ends with fighters having to destroy the Starkiller Base a large planet that has been retrofitted with a super weapon (Death Star). Hopefully the purpose of this film was a way to reintroduce characters or to act as a reboot of the franchise and that JJ actually has a lot more to offer in the next films to come. Maybe JJ was busy working on Star Trek and his Amazon Prime series “11.22.63” and knows that he will cover a lot more ground in the next movie. With Episode VIII already in the works expect some news to surface of where the Jedi are headed next under Luke’s guidance.


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