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It seems that over the years that music has been getting closer and closer to disappearing from the face of the Earth. Music only exists in the past. There was a brief window in the 2000’s that gave music hope. The few bands from the period that continue to be consistent with producing a great album are Interpol, Silversun Pickups, and one other guy that I refuse to list in fear that I might jinx him and his career goes down the same path. The monopolies created by the music industry gobbling up smaller record labels are solely responsible. Music has been at a standstill for the past 3 years. There are not that many bands or people that you could actually call artists that have emerged. If there are artists that are noteworthy, there are being ignored by the music industry and it is unlikely. Independent labels are playing it safe and focusing on smaller rosters. The music clubs that you use to go to are open to local bands not touring bands. People are being fed by the big music labels and what’s on the menu is not that appetizing.

Artists like Lana Del Rey and Kimbra were actually making noteworthy music that put them into the limelight. The reason was because their style was different from everything else that was out there. Now these artists are trying to merge and blend in with the rest in order to survive and stay on the radio by being quirky or provocative. Sooner or later these artists are giving in the hipster trends and singing about how they taste like Pepsi Cola. There was one radio station that I depended on for new music but now even that station has made it hard to distinguish themselves from every other iHeart station. Once these artists sign to the record label they do not have the same freedom that had on an independent label. Every artist that is on mainstream music stations have taken appropriation to a whole new level. Everything you hear has become a cover song without singing songs word for word. Do not consider what you hear that is “new” today even to be “music,” consider it plagiarism. My pre-programmed radio stations are now all set to KPFK 90.7 talk radio (a breath of fresh air), which also does have some noteworthy music programs through out the week.


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