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It will be interested to see how the X-Files will portray the monsters, aliens, or maybe some zombies in the new season about to begin. If you take a look at some of the old episodes, which are available on Netflix, you’ll see that much of the graphics were not that great. Maybe back then the graphics looked amazing on a screen with low resolution but it will not hold up on today’s standards. Will there be both practical effects and CGI? There has to be some grounding in order to make these stories believable and relatable to the stories and experiences. You can’t go too far out on a limb otherwise you may lose interest.

What I always wondered is that some of these cases are never really solved. Mulder and Scully always get to encounter a creature or demon but never really get to be the Ghostbusters and rid of the pests. The creature seems to just die off or lives on and is forgotten forever. Yes, the X-Files are at most times unexplained phenomenon but why is it that some of the creatures never return or strike again or team up with another demon?

It will be interesting what type of cases the duo will be dealing with as well. One thing that I would like to see tackled are conspiracies or cover ups. For example, assassinations, missing planes, foo fighters, and the glowing blue lights that were seen flying over Los Angeles recently. Mulder and Scully should create adaptations and theories to events that are actually occurring toady in public and in everyday lives. I believe that by doing so will generate more interest. Storylines need to start being interconnected with a stronger X-Files mythology. It seems that one episode lives separate from another. You never really hear a reference to past encounters in an episode; you always exist in the now. The closest that you get to an encounter put into historical context are the X-Files movies. Hopefully this time Scully will be convinced that Mulder knows what he’s talking about. And hopefully this mini-series does not turn into an over the top comedic-spoof that you now expect from the Syfy channel.


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