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The year 2020 is approaching fast and I believe that it will be a big year in electric vehicles. Car batteries will be cheaper, solar cells will produce more energy, and more electric cars will be on the road. Even in the afterlife, Edison is still bitter and still trying to ruin Tesla. Edison is playing catch up with Tesla as far as solar panels go. Edison feels that it could convince lawmakers to rid of the subsidies for solar only to benefit Edison’s own grid. Tesla is one step ahead with their Powerwalls. Who needs to be on Edison’s grid when anyone can be off the grid by generating their own power and storing their own power for emergencies? There is too much interest in Green Energy and the possibilities of what electric cars are capable of doing, thanks to Tesla, is immense. The public is becoming more involved in politics and if the decision is up to them they will vote for an expansion of electric infrastructure.

Don’t count Nissan out either though. Many of the electric cars on the road are Nissan Leafs. With the subsidies that exist in certain areas, it is worth it to buy a Leaf especially when Nissan is offering to pay for your energy for 2 years. Nissan is responsible for bridging the gap and transitioning owners from gas powered vehicles to electric cars. For many, Tesla vehicles are still too expensive. But, electric cars are still not for everyone. Probably the biggest issues that still exist are cost, time to charge, distance, and lack of quick charging stations for the vehicles. There has still yet to be a standard charging port established for all vehicles. Meaning that all electric vehicles cannot all charge at the same stations. It took roughly 100 years after the first Model T rolled off the assembly line for vehicles to become affordable. I predict it will take a fraction of that time for electric vehicles to be that affordable. Or would you even want to buy one or even have to buy one? Do not be surprised if services such as Uber or Lyft get rid of their drivers all together and adopt driverless electric vehicles. When the cost of quick charging stations drop from the thousands to the hundreds, that’s when EV cars will really take off. When the gigafactories that are currently under construction are complete, then the electric cars will really take off. There is no going back. Electric cars today will not have to see the same fate as GM’s EV1. Electric cars are here to stay and are paving the road to the future.


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